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Infertility is defined as one year of unprotected intercourse without conception. Infertility evaluation may be recommended earlier if you are over 35 or have other risk factors based on your history.

A female factor is the primary cause in approximately 40% of these couples and another 30-40% is pure male factor. A combination of male and female factors accounts for the remaining 20% to 30% of cases. Hence it is imperative that infertility is addressed as a “couple issue.

Female Infertility Causes

• Ovulatory Dysfunction

• Endometriosis

• Tubal Infertility

• Surgical Infertility

• Hormonal Infertility

• Unexplained Infertility

• Other Condition

Male Infertility Causes

A major cause of male infertility is a sperm disorder:

• Sperm count (total number of sperm in a sample)

• Sperm concentration (number of sperm per milliliter of semen)

• Volume of semen the man produces

• Sperm motility (number of sperm with the ability to move)

• Forward progression (quality of movement)

The first step is for your doctor to take a thorough history, complete an exam and develop a personalized course of evaluation for you and your partner.

At EVA Healthcare, We understand that fertility issues are both emotionally and mentally challenging as well as physically uncomfortable at times. We strive to proceed through this evaluation with the utmost respect. We will make sure that you understand the process and what each step can have in store for you with regards to medications, outcomes, and cost.

Some of the services we provide include:

• Medical evaluation

• Hormonal evaluation

• Evaluation of tubes

• Male sperm evaluation

• Ovulation evaluation

• Genetic evaluation

• Ovulation induction and monitoring

• Intrauterine insemination

• Minimally invasive treatment of endometriosis

• Minimally invasive treatment of fibroids

• Evaluation and treatment of PCOS

• Infertility of alternative couples