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In-clinic Procedures

Dr Nasreen provides several minor surgeries in office thus avoiding the need for hospitalization. This saves you cost, time, and the need for general anesthesia. You receive your procedure in the comfort of our office that is already familiar and convenient to you. The procedures we do in the office are minor, done under local anesthetic, or Intravenous sedation (IV sedation).

These procedures include

• Cryosurgery: A procedure to treat certain types of cervix cell abnormalities.

• Colposcopy: A minor procedure performed when Pap test results indicate abnormalities that may lead to a more serious condition.

• LEEP/LLETZ Procedure: In Office or Outpatient surgical procedure used in certain situations to treat abnormal cells (dysplasia) of the cervix.

Ultrasound 3D

Our office offers the convenience of in office ultrasound for our Obstetrical and Gynecologic patients. This allow ease of scheduling for our patients and allows the physician to review images without the need for waiting for reports or images from another facility.

We can safely do this in the office in a painless fashion thus making the experience much less stressful and convenient for our patients by eliminating the hospital admission.

For more information or to schedule an office based procedure, please give us a call at – 040-23562939


High Risk Pregnancies

A pregnancy may be termed high-risk for women over the age of 35 or women with certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

When pregnancy is complicated by any of the following:

• Pregnancy induced Hypertension and DM


• Anaemia

• Placental

• Heart Disease

With careful monitoring and management, most women with high-risk pregnancies deliver healthy babies.

Women with high-risk pregnancy may receive more ultrasounds, tests, and office visits than women without high-risk pregnancy do. This allows your doctor to evaluate and treat complications promptly.

At EVA Healthcare, we manage high-risk pregnancies carefully because they carry more risks to the mother and developing baby.

Recurrent Miscarriages

Experiencing miscarriage can be devastating. Recurrent pregnancy loss is heartbreaking for the couple who are trying to have a healthy baby. Conception seems to happen relatively easily, but the pregnancy does not develop normally.

There are several reasons women may have recurrent pregnancy loss. They include:

• Hormonal imbalance:These can sometimes be corrected with hormonal therapies like progesterone to help the developing pregnancy.

• Uterine structural conditions:There may be a structural problem in the uterus that prevents pregnancies from developing naturally. Which are present from birth, or developed during adulthood. Only some types of uterine malformations increase the risk of miscarriage and require treatment.

At EVA Healthcare for patients who present with recurrent miscarriages, extensive evaluation will be done to find and treat the cause of the miscarriage.

• Cervical Cerclage Placement:Cervical cerclage placement is used to prevent the cervix from opening early during pregnancy. If the cervix opens too early, it may lead to preterm labor or delivery. Cervical cerclage may be recommended for women with a incompetent ( weak ) cervix or who have had certain problems with prior pregnancies.