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Eva Healthcare

Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer Screening & Vaccination

Screening tests find early problems before you get sick. The PAP TEST is a screening test for cervical cancer. It looks for abnormal cells on your cervix that could turn into cancer over time. That way, problems can be found and treated before they ever turn into cancer. An HPV TEST may also be used with the PAP TEST for women 30 years or older as part of a routine screening.


What HPV & How do we get it?

HPV is common virus. HPV is so common that most people get it at some time in their lives. But HPV usually causes no symptoms. HPV can cause changes to a woman’s cervix that can lead to cervical cancer over time. Most of the time the body’s immune system fights off HPV naturally within two years. It is only when HPV stays on a woman’s cervix for many years that it can cause cervical cancer.

Women and men become infected with HPV that cause cervical cancer through sexual intercourse or sexual contact.


What is cervical cancer vaccine?

The cervical cancer vaccine also called as HPV vaccine protects against virus that cause almost all cervical cancers.


How is the vaccine given?

The HPV vaccine is given as three injections in the upper arm or thigh. The vaccine works best if you have it over a six-month period, with the second dose of the vaccine one or two months after the first, and the final dose four months after the second.

At EVA Healthcare, we provide advanced and comprehensive cervical cancer screening program including Prevention with latest cervical cancer vaccine.

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